The travel process is composed of required pre- and post-travel processes.

  • Pre-travel activities must be completed in order to obtain authorization prior to departing on planned professional travel.
  • Post-travel activities relate to applying for reimbursement for authorized travel-related expenses.

Obtaining Travel Authorization

  1. Complete required Travel Authorization form
  2. Obtain approval from your Director/AVC/VC or designee
  3. Create Service Request
  4. Attach the completed and signed travel authorization form

NOTE: Due to minor rounding differences, travel form mileage calculations occasionally differ from the calculations in Web Travel. Reimbursement amounts will be based on the Web Travel calculation.

Submitting your Travel Expense Reimbursement

  1. Complete required Travel Reimbursement Form
  2. Gather all required receipts
  3. Create Service Request
  4. Attach the completed and signed travel reimbursement form
  5. Sign Traveler Acknowledgement

Note: Separate Service Requests are needed even if you are submitting a travel authorization and reimbursement request at the same time.

Adding Additional Documents or Information to an Existing Request

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your Onyen and password
  3. Click on My Submitted Requests
  4. Locate the request which you want to update
  5. Click on the Request Number to the left of the request
  6. Enter your update (Worklog and/or Upload Attachment) and click Finish
(Download a Printable Version)

Travel Authorization (Pre-Travel)

Department Responsibility

  • Obtain pre-approval for travel using the travel authorization form
  • Estimate travel expenses on the travel authorization form
  • Identify chartfield string
  • Provide information on conference registration/payment
  • Indicate if SCE should assist with flight reservations
  • Book non-air travel: hotel and car rental
  • Submit approved travel form via Service Management System (SMS), include travel preferences and standard rates

SCE Responsibility

  • Process conference registration and payment (if requested)
  • Make flight reservations (through CABS)
  • Verify expense (estimated) with traveler
  • Document T-number and CABS confirmation number on travel form
  • Submit travel authorization (to central office)

Central Office Responsibility

  • Process payment for registration

Travel Reimbursement

Department Responsibility

  • Submit travel reimbursement form via Service Management System (SMS), include copy of all receipts and the travel form
  • Include justification (in the form) for exceeding standard rates
  • Certify expenses
  • Department approves material difference
  • Submit updated travel authorization form via Service Management System (SMS)

SCE Responsibility

  • Validate receipts
  • Verify expenses and check for exceptions
  • Validate expenses are appropriate for source of funds
  • Add/verify employee is added as a vendor in the system
  • Process payment
  • Re-work denials/exceptions with department
  • Provide copies of documents on request/track status of payment
  • Communicate status of request
  • Close the service request

Central Office Responsibility

  • Audit and contact SCE with questions
  • Disburse payment

Travel Authorization

Travel Authorization Process Map

Travel Reimbursement

Travel Reimbursement Process Map

Request Service

General Requirements

  1. PID# (look up my PID)
  2. Onyen
  3. Your home department name
  4. Travel charge-to department number
  5. Chartfield: include Program and Cost Code where applicable
  6. Current home address (Including city, state and Zip Code)
  7. Travel Form


Initial Service Level Expectations

The average time required to process your travel and reimbursement request is based on the date when a properly completed and authorized form authorization or expense reimbursement form is submitted:

  • Travel Authorization – average of 2 business days or less
  • Travel Reimbursement – average of 3 business days or less
  • Service Requests with missing or inaccurate information will result in a processing delay

General Questions