The Employee Expense Reimbursement service streamlines the process of validating, verifying and processing employee non-travel expenses for payment.

Non-travel expense reimbursements are for instances where UNC employees have personally incurred employment-related expenses or made employment-related purchases under $5,000.00. Expenses that fall under this business process include:

  • Business and Entertainment Expenses
  • Professional Memberships and Training
  • Subscription and Periodicals
  • Other Qualifying Reimbursable Business Expenses

Mileage and all other travel related expense are reimbursed through the Travel Authorization and Expense Reimbursement process.

Submitting your Non-Travel Expense Reimbursement

  1. Complete required Employee Non-Travel Expense Reimbursement Form
  2. Gather all required receipts/invoices
  3. Obtain required approval for your non-travel expense reimbursement
  4. Create Service Request
  5. Attach the completed and signed Non-Travel Employee Expense Reimbursement form
  6. Attach backup documentation (receipts/invoices)

Adding Additional Documents or Information to an Existing Request

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your Onyen and password
  3. Click on My Submitted Requests
  4. Locate the request which you want to update
  5. Click on the Request Number to the left of the request
  6. Update the request (worklog and/or upload attachment(s)) and click Finish
(Download a Printable Version)

Department Responsibility

  • Complete employee expense reimbursement form
  • Obtain approval from Director/AVC/VC or Designee
  • Submit approved Employee Expense Reimbursement form, with scanned copies of all receipts/invoices via Service Management System (SMS)

SCE Responsibility

  • Validate receipts, expenses and check for exception
  • Verify expenses are appropriate for source of funds
  • Add/verify employee is a vendor in ConnectCarolina
  • Process employee reimbursement for payment
  • Re-work denials/exceptions with department
  • Provide copies of documents upon request/track status of payment
  • Communicate payment status and resolve payment issues
  • Close service request

Central Office Responsibility

  • Audit voucher and contact SCE with questions
  • Approve voucher and disburse payment
  • Handle void/reissue requests
Request Service

General Requirements

  1. PID# (look up my PID)
  2. Onyen
  3. Your home department name
  4. Expense charge-to department number
  5. Chartfield: include Program and Cost Code where applicable
  6. Current home address (Including city, state and Zip Code)
  7. Backup documentation: receipts/invoices with proof of payment
  8. Employee Expense Reimbursement Form


Initial Service Level Expectations

The average time required to process your employee expense reimbursement request is based on the date when a properly completed and authorized expense reimbursement form is submitted:

  • SCE will strive to ensure that non-travel expense reimbursements are processed within an average of 3 business days of submitting the service requests
  • Service Requests with missing or inaccurate information will result in processing delays
  • Measurement against the stated service level expectations will be based on the day that all incomplete or inaccurate information was provided

General Questions