Finance Service Delivery is a business service center that provides financial management and transactional processing services to units in the Division of Finance and Administration, as part of the Service Center of Excellence. We deliver superior business support so that units can focus more of their efforts on their core mission and goals.

Service Offerings Overview

Below is a complete listing of services currently identified and offered through the service center. As the Service Center of Excellence develops over the coming year, we will continue to roll out additional services that can be requested and will notify you of their availability.

The travel process is composed of required pre- and post- travel processes.

  • Pre-travel activities must be completed in order to obtain authorization prior to departing on planned professional travel.
  • Post-travel activities relate to applying for reimbursement for authorized travel-related expenses.


NOTE: Due to minor rounding differences, travel form mileage calculations occasionally differ from the calculations in Web Travel. Reimbursement amounts will be based on the Web Travel calculation.

The Employee Expense Reimbursement service streamlines the process of validating, verifying and processing employee non-travel expenses for payment.

Non-travel expense reimbursements are for instances where UNC employees have personally incurred employment-related expenses or made employment-related purchases under $5,000.00.


Systems administered and supported by the Business and Finance Systems Department are:

  • ConnectCarolina Finance
  • ConnectCarolina HR
  • ConnectCarolina Student Administration
  • InfoPorte Finance
  • InfoPorte HR

In addition to Finance and HR ConnectCarolina and InfoPorte applications, the department currently administers and supports the following departmental and campus-wide systems:

  • CBM
  • Bill Presentation
  • InterscopePlus
  • Facilities Planning & Construction
  • Facility Focus
  • *Other systems to be determined


The Pay Invoice process streamlines the validation, verification, and processing of both vouchers and purchase order invoices for payment.

Before submitting your request, refer to the SCE Departmental Invoice Checklist to ensure your invoice(s) have been properly approved and include the information needed to process your invoice(s) without delay.

Coming Soon!

The process for adding vendors facilitates the creation of new vendor and updates to existing vendors in ConnectCarolina. This process addresses adding and updating vendors in the following vendor classes:

  • Other
    • Commercial
    • Independent Contractors
    • Attorneys
    • Individuals
  • Employees
  • Affiliate Vendors
Coming Soon!

The Purchase Request service streamlines the process of submitting, verifying, and processing requests to purchase goods and services. The Service Center will process requests for purchase of goods and services over $5,000.00 and E-Pro orders for Facilities Services departments.


Coming Soon!

The P-Card Reconciliation service streamlines the process of validating the use of funds and reviewing and verifying receipts and invoices in the P-Card system.