Risk management at Carolina has experienced significant change in recent years due to a confluence of events. Our growth brings new challenges and risks. There’s a need for greater financial and compliance oversight, new security threats exist and our global presence has increased. Simply put, we operate in an environment where risks are now more complex and often super-sized.

To add to this, recent disasters and events have challenged us to prepare for previously unthinkable situations that may threaten our missions. These new challenges go beyond just our traditional emergency response, but require a more strategic, coordinated approach to maintaining the continuity of our business and preserving our value in the face of uncertainty.

We owe this duty to our students, employees, stakeholders and the community. Not being prepared for the unexpected may cause irreversible damage to our reputation, which is the ultimate risk we manage.

At Risk Management Services, we believe the most effective way to manage the University’s full portfolio of risks is to do it collectively, taking advantage of the broad network of risk resources and experts we have across our campus. And think of us as the center of this network. So whenever you have a risk management question or concern, make your first call to us. If we don’t readily have the solution, we’ll reach out to our network of resources and find the solution.

We look forward to serving you. And remember, at Carolina, everyone’s a risk manager.

Our Mission

Risk Management Services’ mission is to apply a coordinated approach to assessing and responding to all risks which affect the achievement of the University’s strategic and financial objectives. We partner with other campus areas that also have risk management responsibilities to assure our customers’ risks are managed in a holistic, integrated and cooperative fashion. We recognize that responsible risk taking can be good, and we help our campus customers optimize the benefits of risk. We continuously strive to provide exceptional customer service and pioneer new and more cost-effective risk management solutions for the entire campus.


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