What is a PID?

The Person ID Number (PID) is an identification number assigned to all people with a university relationship, as defined by an official university department. This number is designed to give all persons a universal number (PID or Person ID) that is unique to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The number is nine digits long and replaces all existing card numbers previously used on campus. The PID is the primary record keeping key for all departments within the university and must be used for all communication.

How do I get a PID?

Prospective students will have a PID created upon completion of Guest ID creation. The way in which students are notified of their PID depends on the admissions office with which they have applied. Any student who is either new, transferring or readmitted to the University will be able to create an Onyen upon acceptance.


Undergraduates will be notified of their PID when they are sent a letter notifying that they have been accepted.

Graduate Students

Graduate Schools will notify prospective students that their application has been received. In that notification, they will be given their PID and told to use it to check the status of their application online. Students already having a PID can have it reactivated when they re-enroll.

Part-Time Students

Continuing Studies creates PIDs for part-time students.

How do I reactivate my PID?

Student records become inactive when a student fails to register by the end of the drop/add period for the current spring or fall semester. Any student not enrolled in the current semester will receive notice that their Onyen is no longer active. This status will continue until the student re-enrolls.

Note: The issuance of a PID does not indicate that you have or will be admitted to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Admissions decisions are communicated only in writing and only by the respective admissions office.

EPA Staff

EPA PIDs are created when the departmental HR Representative does the new hire process in EPA Web for new or returning EPA staff. This includes faculty, EPA non-faculty, adjunct faculty, EPA non-salary positions, and EPA students. When the PID is created or reactivated, there is a delay before this information is disseminated across campus. The other databases authorize services such as receiving a One Card and obtaining an Onyen. The PID will not be validated for Onyen creation until the following business day.

SPA Permanent Positions

When an SPA applicant accepts an offer from a Human Resources Recruiter, the HR Recruiter creates a PID for the new employee. An Onyen cannot be created until the following business day. The newly assigned PID can be found in the HRIS system by an HR Representative, or the PID Office can look this up in ConnectCarolina. Alternatively, if the individual had a previous affiliation with the University, their existing PID will be reactivated upon accepting the position. This will reactivate their PID and, in turn, their Onyen.

Temporary Positions

When a department hires an employee in a temporary or a contractual capacity, the employee may need to have a PID created or reactivated. The process is dependent on whether or not the individual will be paid through the UNC Payroll department. In either case, the department will need to document the types of services needed by their temporary employee. If the temporary will be paid by the UNC Payroll office, the PID will be created/reactivated by the HR Representative through the hiring process. If the individual is a contractor, paid through an agency other than the UNC Payroll system, refer to the Other Affiliates Information.

The Affiliate System creates PIDs for anyone who is working in collaboration with the University, requiring University Services, and is not a student and not paid by UNC payroll. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Visiting Scholar
  • Research Collaborator
  • Contractors and temps (not paid by UNC payroll)
  • Summer Groups
  • UNC Retirees
  • Volunteers

Only HR Representatives can access and enter anyone into the Affiliate system. If you are an HR Representative and do not have access to the system or your department, please contact the Office of Human Resources for assistance.

Other Affiliates

This group includes retirees, contractors, summer groups, visiting scholars, etc. Individual requests for PID creation or reactivation must come directly from the university department through the Affiliate System.

Retirees and Emeritus Faculty must go through HR Benefits.

Other Affiliates are defined as any person who is not paid through UNC-Chapel Hill payroll and is not attending UNC-Chapel Hill but requires University resources to work in conjunction with UNC-Chapel Hill.

Other Affiliates cannot authorize themselves; they must have a UNC-Chapel Hill sponsor. Please be aware that PID processing can take up to two business days.  Please fill out the form below and give it to your departmental HR Representative for entry into the Connect Carolina Affiliate ePAR Form.

After approval has been received by the HR Representative, the Other Affiliate can create an Onyen at the Onyen Services website.

Affiliates needing a UNC One Card must go to the One Card office, after the HR Representative receives approval through Connect Carolina, with a driver’s license, passport, or military ID for identification purposes. Please check with the One Card Office to see if there will be a $5 card fee. If the department would like to pay the fee they may do so through Connect Carolina.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have ever attended UNC you have a PID. Any current staff, faculty or contractor with the University should have a PID. If you believe you have a PID, you may look up your PID online or contact us to find your PID.
All persons affiliated with the University as a student, faculty, staff, or affiliate will be assigned a PID upon entrance into the University community. For more detailed information on how, where, and when PIDs are assigned please see above.
If you have a current UNC One Card, your PID number will appear in the bottom right hand corner of your card. All PIDs are nine digit numbers that begin with a 7. If you do not have a current UNC One Card, see below.
Yes, people will have one PID that will be used throughout their tenure at UNC Chapel Hill. Even if your status changes, or you come back to the University after an absence, you will still continue to use the same PID. If you think that you may have multiple PIDs, you should contact the PID Office immediately.
If you have an SSN, please see below. If you do not have an SSN please contact the PID Office for assistance.
If you know your PID, but you are having trouble signing up for an Onyen, please refer to the Onyen Policy Page for more detailed information on the specific requirements for Onyen creation. If you need to sign up for an Onyen go to the Onyen Creation page.
If you think you may have a duplicate PID, please contact the PID Office immediately with the following information: Your full name, date of birth, gender, SSN*, PID numbers and a phone number at which you may be reached.
How the information will be corrected depends on your current affiliation(s) with the University. Please contact the PID Office for more information so that we can direct you in the correct procedure.
The issuance of a PID does not indicate that you have been or will be admitted to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. For more information on your admission, please contact your admissions office for assistance.

How to Look Up Your PID

  1. If you have a U.S. Social Security Number (SSN*) you may look up your PID online.
  2. Contact the PID Office with your full name, gender, date of birth and SSN*.
  3. For batch PID lookup requests please e-mail the PID Office for instructions.

*Note: The Social Security Number is requested by the institution solely for administrative convenience and record keeping accuracy, and is requested only to provide a personal identifier for the internal records of the institution. Please do not send your SSN via email. If you are going to provide your SSN for identification purposes please call or fax.