We recognize that tours of our facilities are of educational and general interest to our community. To request a professional courtesy tour, please contact the utility area listed here for their security policy and availability.

Normal Business Hours 8:00 – 5:00 Holiday Closing Schedule
After Hours Emergency Number 919-962-1167
Emergency Water Outage or Sewer Back-Up 919-962-3456
Utility and Work Order Billing 919-962-1158
Utility Service Outage 919-962-8394
Street Light Outage 919-962-8394
Outdoor Area/Parking Lighting 919-962-8394
Indoor/Outdoor Building Lighting Facilities Services
Building Temperature Facilities Services
Emergency Generators Facilities Services
Employment Opportunities UNC Human Resources
Administration 919-962-9054
Chilled Water Systems 919-962-3419
Cogeneration Systems 919-962-1167
Electric Distribution Systems 919-962-8394
Water, Wastewater & Stormwater Systems 919-843-0364
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